Your Lac-Saint-Jean advisors' favourite tourist attractions

Are you looking for the best of the best in attractions to visit during your visit to Lac-Saint-Jean? Our teams of advisors from the territory's tourist information offices reveal their favourite activities in the Domaine-du-Roy RCM to do this summer!/p>

Saint-Félicien team's favourite tourist activities

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1209, boul. Sacré-Cœur, Saint-Félicien
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Cintia's favourites

"One of my favourite attractions in Lac-Saint-Jean is the Domaine des Trois-Îles for its enchanting and unique site. Moreover, the Parc de la Chute-à-Michel is ideal for a quiet walk in nature. I also like to go to the beach in the municipality of Saint-Prime to relax peacefully on the warm sand and chat with friends.”

Nathalie’s favourites

"I will never forget my experience in the Photogravie Quebec observation tower, located in the heart of the boreal forest. I have fond memories of watching a family of loons, a beaver swimming peacefully in the lake, as well as observing different species of birds throughout the day.

We were also treated to a spectacular sunset! After dark, we were visited by the stars of this enchanting place: the flying squirrels. The guide in charge of transporting us to the tower is full of knowledge and very interesting to listen to!

Another of my favourites is the discovery cruise on Lac Saint-Jean with guide Charles Dufour (Aventure Lac-Saint-Jean). During the cruise, Charles speaks passionately about the lake and its history, which dates back to the fur trade.

The information given to us by the guide often creates links with other tourist sites in the region, such as the historical village of Val-Jalbert and the Amerindian Museum of Mashteuiatsh. Beautiful moments on the majestic Lac Saint-Jean in perspective!”

Victoire's favorites

"The Amerindian Museum of Mashteuiatsh is a particularly interesting place, for young and old alike. It allows you to learn more about the native culture through its different exhibitions.

The Roberval Marina is a beautiful place to enjoy incredible sunsets while enjoying a good soft serve ice cream from La Vache Copine.

Finally, the sound and light effects of the immersive show "Echo, the memory of the stones" of the Trou de la Fée Cave Park make you want to know more about this cave. This is not to be missed!"

Learn more about the Trou de la fée]

Laurence’s favourites

"I love the Roberval Marina for its wonderful view of Lac Saint-Jean as well as the incredible service and delicious ice cream at La Vache Copine. Also, the beach in the municipality of Saint-Prime is one of my favourites because it offers a magnificent view and is free.

From a gourmet point of view, Le Draveur Cookerie & Bar offers a unique and tasty menu. And let's not forget the La Bonté Divigne vineyard, a truly interesting attraction to visit that combines the outdoors, exquisite wine, and learning about a sometimes misunderstood domain.

Finally, I particularly love the historical village of Val-Jalbert for the magnificent and impressive Ouiatchouan Falls, 72 meters high, 20 meters higher than its colleague in Niagara!”

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Lili's favorites

"There are two attractions that are my particular favourites: the historical village of Val-Jalbert and the Amerindian Museum of Mashteuiatsh.

The Val-Jalbert Historical Village, located in Chambord, allows you to immerse yourself in the 1920s. Visiting the site changed some aspects of my perception, as I was able to learn more about the way of life of the villagers of the time.

I enjoyed the entertainment, especially at the convent school. The nun told us some old anecdotes and a few jokes. They know how to use humour to captivate their audience!

I also highly recommend the Amerindian Museum of Mashteuiatsh. During my last visit, the ephemeral exhibition featured skirts made by the women of the community. Behind each skirt, each embroidered design, and each symbol was a fascinating story

Then, the new permanent exhibition "Tshilanu Ilnuatsh, We the Ilnuatsh" is just as enriching. It is possible to listen to recordings in Nehlueun (Ilnu language) and to learn to recognize the songs of birds that inhabit the territory. It is really a very interesting and instructive museum on the First Nations, more particularly on the Ilnu of Lac-Saint-Jean.”

Chambord team's favourite tourist activities

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1811, rue Principale, Chambord
418 342-6274 poste 320

Lucie’s favourites

"In my opinion, the best way to visit Lac Saint-Jean is to walk around the Roberval Marina to admire the lake and enjoy a delicious soft serve at La Vache Copine! For dinner, the new restaurant at the 1353 Marina is a great place to enjoy an excellent meal in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.”

Juan’s favourites

"One of my favourite attractions in the MRC Domaine-du-Roy is the Amerindian Museum of Mashteuiatsh. What impressed me during my last visit was the archaeology initiation workshop. This activity allowed me to learn more about the basics of this discipline, but also about the Aboriginal culture.”

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