The best food and beer pairings in Lac-Saint-Jean

In Lac-Saint-Jean, we have an agricultural territory that has a lot to offer. We mainly grow cereals, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. The region is also suitable for raising cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens.

Our region is also renowned for its market gardening. In the summer, many farms offer a variety of fruits and vegetables available at the kiosk or pick-your-own. It is a must stop for food lovers!

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Aside from tourtière, blueberries, and broad beans, there are plenty of other local specialties not to be overlooked during your visit, especially craft beers and artisanal cheeses. Food and beer pairings are particularly popular with visitors and locals alike!

The different types of beers

Here is a quick overview of the different types of beers and their particularities.

White beer

Are you familiar with white beer? White beer contains at least 30% wheat malt, which is why it is called "wheat beer". This cereal is generally used in the production of beer and it is this ingredient that contributes to the formation of beautiful foam.

The wheat malt present in its composition gives white beer a unique taste and a more pronounced acidic feel. You will also notice citrus aromas that result from the fermentation of the wheat beer. Whatever the event, white beer is especially refreshing during the summer season!

Blond beer

Blond beer owes its name to its light blond colour. This type of beer is distinguished mainly by the way it is made, brewed, and fermented. To produce a blond beer, very light malt is used, which is subjected to high or low fermentation. Blond beer is therefore prized for its light taste and bitter notes, which makes it ideal for food, beer, and cheese pairings.

As with other types of beer, the alcohol content in a blond beer is around 5%. Its texture, aromatic taste, and low alcohol content make this beer one of the most popular beverages!

Red beer

Red beer has a light amber colour with beautiful coppery reflections. The malting process lasts longer than for blond beer. Red beer is characterized by its notes of hazelnut, caramel, and bread, according to the brewer's expertise. You will find amber beers with more pronounced or less dry bitterness. Seasonal red beers are recognizable by their spicy or slightly smoky tastes.

Black beer

This very dark beer is the result of highly roasted malts. You will also appreciate the subtle chocolate and biscuit notes. Black beer can be full-bodied, syrupy, or even svelte. This drink with its comforting textures goes perfectly with more refined dishes.

You will certainly appreciate the gourmet aromas that enhance the finesse of black beer. As for the alcohol content, it is not higher than other types of beer.

Our best expert tips for a successful food and beer pairing

Start with light beers

It is best to start the evening with light beers, such as sour beers, blond beers, white beers, wheat-based, or fruity beers.

Honour the contrast

Beer is a great accompaniment to savoury snacks, such as bread, chips and cheeses, given their bitter, sweet, and tart characteristics. Salt pairs perfectly with the acidic flavour of sweet and sour beers.

The success of food and beer pairings is based primarily on the concern for contrast. In other words, the beer’s flavours may be different from those of the food. It is also possible for your pairing to be perfectly delicious if the flavours are similar and are comforting to the palate.

Don't be afraid to try different varieties

Each craft beer has its own unique style, colour, aroma, and taste. Brewing is a universe to explore where there are always new flavours to discover. Don't be afraid to try different types of beers to stimulate your senses.

Serve beer in a glass

For a rich tasting experience, always serve beer in a glass. This way, you can enjoy the experience with all of your senses. You will be able to admire the colour of the beer and its foam instead of just tasting it. In all cases, a beer should be served at the same time as the dish it accompanies.

Our 4 local beer and cheese pairings to impress your guests

The territory of the Domaine-du-Roy RCM is full of gourmet treasures to enjoy with a good local microbrewery beer.

White beers and Desneiges cheese

For an aperitif, start with something lighter. Choose from white beers from Microbrasserie La Chouape (Saint-Félicien) or Microbrasserie Beemer (Roberval). Pair them with the famous Desneiges cheese from Fromagerie du Pays-des-Bleuets (Saint-Félicien). This cheese with a bloomy rind, which gives off a sweet smell of mushrooms, is perfect with a small glass of frothy white beer.

Gourmet tip:

If you have a sweet tooth, add haskap jelly from Saveurs du Verger to your snack. If you’d rather prepare a meal, pair it with fish or poultry.

And for wine lovers?

If one of your guests prefers wine to beer, the rosé wine La Rose from La Bonté Divigne vineyard (Roberval) goes perfectly with Desneiges cheese, with its original, fruity flavours and its soft finish.

Blond beers and firm cheeses

Blond beers are delicious when paired with a firm, supple-textured cheese. Try a blond beer from La Chouape or Beemer Microbrewery. For a tasty pairing with your blond beer, taste the Rapide Arcand organic cheddar cheese from the Bouchard Artisan Bio cheese dairy (Saint-Félicien) or the Perron Swiss cheese from the Fromagerie Perron (Saint-Prime).

Gourmet tip:

For a successful dinner with friends, combine your pairing of blond beer and firm cheese with a meal of pork or duck!

And for wine lovers?

If some of your guests prefer wine, serve them Rustika red wine from La Bonté Divigne vineyard. With a light amber note, this wine, with aromas of prunes, caramel, and mocha will enhance the flavour of the firmer cheeses, for a delicious tasting experience.

Imperial stout beer and cheddar cheese

Game lovers will choose La Chouape Microbrewery's Imperial Stout beer. This warm, dark beer goes very well with meat, such as game or ribs. For a remarkable final touch, enjoy the Stout with cheddar cheese aged 6 years or more (Special Reserve) from the Bouchard Artisan Bio cheese dairy, or with the essential port cheddar cheese from Fromagerie Perron.

And for wine lovers?

If some of your guests prefer wine, serve them La P’tite Madame white fortified wine from La Bonté Divigne vineyard. This wine is a true delight that perfectly balances sugar, alcohol, and acidity. In addition, La P’tite Madame pairs well with the developed taste of firm, aged cheddar.

Local beers ... and above all original!

The creativity of our brewers will never cease to amaze us. Seasonal beers made with local fruit and triple, quadruple spices and herbs, nothing stops them in their search for ever more perfect and original flavours (to the delight of our taste buds).

The Beemer Microbrewery regularly offers original beers, including its famous seasonal white beer, with haskap and basil. This refreshing beer with a balanced and tangy taste is perfect for summer!

As for La Chouape, try their beers with local fruit flavours: Raspberry white, Sour haskap, and Blue blueberry. These beers are sweet, fruity, and slightly tart: perfect for the summer season!

The Beer Route

Would you like to discover all the microbreweries in the region (and nothing less)? La Route des bières invites you to taste beers while enjoying the magnificent panoramas of our vast territory.

In addition, in Saint-Félicien, the L’Abreuvoir boutique has a wide selection of local and craft beers, as well as a wide variety of local products.

Pssst! Did you know that the Véloroute des Bleuets makes it easy to discover local products from Lac-Saint-Jean, including beers and cheeses? Come and taste Lac-Saint-Jean through its craft beers and cheeses, seasonal or exclusive to the region!

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