This summer, discover the “Trou de la fée” Cave park

The ideal place to live an experience underground, on land, and in the air

Spectacular and grandiose! The “Trou de la Fée” cave park is a vast territory that offers a multitude of activities for the whole family, in addition to offering one of the most beautiful landscapes in Quebec. You will be dazzled and fascinated by the Métabetchouane River canyon, the immersive show, and the cave. Come live a unique experience in Canada!

Discover the tumultuous Métabetchouane River with its waterfalls and cascades. From the terrace of the reception pavilion, admire the breathtaking panoramic view of the canyon.

Live a first experience in caving

Formed in the granite of the Canadian Shield over a billion years ago, the "Trou de la Fée” cave is an extraordinary geological phenomenon. Easy to visit, the cave is the ideal place to have a first experience in caving. The guided tour lasts 30 minutes and takes you through three chambers of different sizes. The entire visit is done standing. Stairs and lighting make it easy to get around. Remember to bring good shoes and a jacket because the temperature of the cave is 4.5 degrees Celsius.

The cave is the only protected natural hibernacula for bats in Quebec. Since the appearance of white snout disease in 2012, the bat colony has been completely decimated. Find out more about this endangered small mammal.

Much more than a cave...

The site of the "Trou de la Fée" cave park is also an artifact of the past. The water supply pipe promenade is a reminder of the industrial heritage of a hydroelectric power station dating from the 1920s. Running along the Métabetchouane River, the promenade offers exceptional views and proximity to the river. You can move around freely and safely.

205-meter-long footbridges are anchored 8 meters above the river. They give access to places previously accessible only to mountaineers and give you the impression of walking above water. These two impressive infrastructures are attractions in themselves and blend perfectly into the landscape despite their imposing dimensions. Their location in the heart of the canyon, and especially the access to inaccessible places, make them unique. Just as unique is the 100% nature show that will be offered to your eyes.

A 360-degree production that will make you vibrate to the rhythm of the evolution of the territory and its occupation

Supported by sound effects and light shows, the immersive performance "Echo, the memory of stones" will make you experience the major events that have marked the "Trou de la Fée” cave park. Unique in Quebec, the projection room is carved into the granite of the Canadian Shield, forming a natural amphitheater 7 meters high by 16 meters in diameter.

Let yourself be surprised by this unusual environment where you will be projected into a cozy atmosphere. To the sound of trickling water, you will be captivated by this room which honours the memory of the stones… the DNA of the site!

Experience the thrill of zip lines

For adrenaline lovers, another way to admire the tumultuous Métabetchouane River and its canyon is to cross it on the highest zip lines in the region! At 50 m above the river, you will experience thrills and, from the air, you will have an exceptional view of the site. The two ziplines are 350 meters long and are connected by a cabled path that introduces you to the via ferrata circuits.

Important information for the zip lines:

  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Minimum weight: 40 kg
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg
  • Children between 8 and 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Soothing and magical hikes

The “Trou de la Fée” cave park site offers 6 km of hiking trails in a variety of environments. The main trail (Caverne Trail), located in the heart of the canyon, is divided into two sections.

The first section takes you to the dam and the other, a more rugged section, leads you to the cave. Need a little quiet time? Take the 3 Chutes trail. Located in the heart of the forest, it will charm you with the scents of nature that perfume the air. For a change of scenery, the La Coulée Verte trail will give you the impression of being in a Chinese garden with its green nature. No matter which path you take, the sound of water will accompany you along your journey.

What to do after a visit to the Trou de la Fée?

Once your visit to the “Trou de la fée” cave park is over, extend your stay in the region by following Lac Saint-Jean towards Roberval. On your way, you will discover a host of activities and incredible attractions that you won’t want to miss!

A day in the great outdoors

For an unforgettable day, the Cèdres de Chambord Golf Club is the ideal place to learn and practice golf on an enchanting site. With a a magnificent view of Lac Saint-Jean, the golf club also offers a lovely 18-hole course and a driving range (17 km from the "Trou de la fée” cave park).

Do you like a challenge? The Ouiatchouan trail, a 30 km route that connects the Val-Jalbert Historical Village and Ermitage Saint-Antoine, allows you to dive into the mature forest and follow the magnificent Ouiatchouan River (25 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park– the departure is located in Val-Jalbert).

Would you like to take a dip in Lac Saint-Jean? The beach at Camping Blanchet, in Chambord, is known for its fine sand and beautiful scenery (10 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

Historical and cultural activities

Visiting the Historical Village of Val-Jalbert with your family is like stepping back a century to live at the rhythm of the 1920s. You will discover all the secrets of this village, which was completely abandoned and then managed to rise brilliantly from its ashes. Get ready for a unique experience thanks to the wide range of activities and services offered for young and old alike! (25 km from the “Trou de la Fée” Cave Park)

For a complete immersion in Aboriginal culture, Aventure Plume Blanche offers you various fun and entertaining activities to discover the way of life of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh, the Ilnu of Lac-Saint-Jean (36.6 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park). To learn more about this community, the Mashteuiatsh Amerindian Museum offers interesting, entertaining, and educational exhibits and activities (42 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

Breathtaking landscapes

For a breathtaking view, stop at the Chambord rest area on Route 169, where you can admire the immensity of Lac Saint-Jean in all its splendour (14.3 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

To fill up on fresh air, a detour to the municipality of Saint-André-du-Lac-Saint-Jean is a must! Have a family picnic on the banks of the Métabetchouane River and its magnificent Chute de l’Épouvante (12 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

Gourmet stops

The best way to visit Lac-Saint-Jean is to bite into it! The region is full of local flavours and products that will make your mouth water.

Does the weather allow you to stop at the farm kiosk or pick your own with your family? Fill up on strawberries at the Chambord Organic Strawberry Farm (22.5 km from the “Trou de la Fée” Cave Park), or discover haskap, very popular in the region, by visiting the Saveurs du Orchard, in Roberval (25.5 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park). You can also pick organic blueberries at Verger Marie-Soleil in Roberval (25 km from the“Trou de la fée” cave park).

What is that delicious smell of fresh bread? It’s probably Boulangerie Perron, one of the oldest bakeries in Roberval, which invites you to visit its economuseum and reveal the greatest secrets of the baker's trade (33 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

For your cooking desires during your stay, bring your portable barbecue to taste the excellent quality of the meat from the Boucherie Les Chefs. Located at the former Bistro JM in Roberval, this butcher shop also offers prepared meals and products that come from here (34 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

Complete your gourmet tour with a sweet treat featuring the legendary wild blueberry of Lac-Saint-Jean, by visiting the Maison du Bleuet, just outside the Val-Jalbert Historical Village (26 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

Where to sleep near Trou de la Fée?

For the most relaxing experience in nature, Chalets et Spa Lac-Saint-Jean offers intimate accommodation in cozy cottages. Take full advantage of your vacation to take a moment for yourself and dive into their Nordic baths (22 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

If you are looking for the comfort of a hotel, the Château Roberval offers a memorable stay for the whole family. Take a "dip" in the indoor pool and enjoy a good night’s sleep in the splendid rooms offered (35 km from the "Trou de la Fée" cave park).

The Motel Roberval offers a warm atmosphere and a magnificent view of Lac Saint-Jean. Affordable, it even has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool (32 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park).

For those who prefer camping, Camping Plage Blanchet, on the shores of Lac Saint-Jean, offers intimate sites with access to a beautiful beach (10 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

As another option, the municipal campsite of Saint-François-de-Sales offers you a peaceful place to spend your family vacation and also offers fully equipped cabin rentals (30 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park) .

Where to eat near Trou de la Fée?

A full day in the great outdoors will work up an appetite! Head to Roberval to take advantage of its many restaurants, such as l'Emporte-moi, which offers a variety of dishes to eat in or take away (34 km from the “Trou de la Fée” cave park), or La Faim de loup, for delicious and quick meals at the fast food counter (35 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

For a tasteful dinner, choose the dining room of the Hôtel Château Roberval and taste delicious dishes from the land or the sea. A children's menu is also available (35 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park).

For a subdued and festive atmosphere with friends, enjoy the tasty menu offered by the Cookerie Le Draveur. Taste their reinvented dishes inspired by Canadian cuisine (33 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park). Also try the St-Alfonse Resto-Pub, also in Roberval, for a varied and affordable menu (34 km from the “Trou de la fée” cave park)).

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To ensure a safe visit, specific measures have been put in place by the various tourist attractions. However, it is possible that some of their activities or services have been suspended due to restrictive public health standards. Before making a reservation, contact the tourist site by phone or consult their website.