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Plan your berry picking, discover our microbreweries, TASTE the Lake.

Visit an organic farm. Hunt blueberries. Satisfy your sweet tooth. Drink well and eat well. Sit down to an authentic local feast. With each season, take the time to taste and savour. Regional products of the Domaine-du-Roy RCM: they make your mouth water! The people of our region are waiting for you with open arms to help you experience and taste Lac-Saint-Jean!

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  • Plan your picking!

    Will you be in the area during our picking season? Use our picking calendar to plan your visit! Discover the different locations and fruits that you can pick on our territory!

    Découvrez les différents endroits et fruit qu'il vous est possible de cueillir sur notre territoire!

  • Partez à la chasse aux bleuets!

    Découvrez les artisans et leurs trésors!

Taste Lac-Saint-Jean | Microbreweries - Bakeries - Treats

When touring Lac-Saint-Jean, it's never long before you find yourself with a full belly! If you're looking for the perfect picnic with local products, look no further: here are our gourmet must-haves for a well-served family vacation.


The must-haves for discerning gourmets...or simply foodies!

Always hungry for dessert… and fresh bread!

Who says you can't start with dessert? Start your gourmet journey at Miss Gâteaux, in Saint-Prime, to find beautiful and delicious sweets. There you’ll find pretty and colourful pastries of all kinds, mouth-watering cupcakes, and a variety of comforting teas that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

In Saint-Félicien, get good old-fashioned bread, prepared the old-fashioned way. The artisanal bakery La Moisson d´Or concocts traditional breads, pizzas prepared with love, and tasty berry pastries to be envied.

The Perron bakery, one of the oldest bakeries in Roberval, invites you to visit its economuseum and reveal the greatest secrets of the baking profession. Let yourself be inspired by the aroma of fresh bread that wafts throughout and even outside the bakery, and choose between different kinds of breads, exquisite patties, and even tasty cakes.

If you're passing through Lac-Bouchette, stop by La Mie de Saint-Antoine, the artisanal bakery at Ermitage Saint-Antoine. Let yourself be tempted by the variety of breads, each more excellent than the last, and by the succulent fresh pastries of the day.

What to do after a visit to the Hermitage

Poutine: grated or curds?

Who doesn't love the guilty pleasure of buying a good bag of cheese curds to enjoy on the road? Well, Lac-Saint-Jean is THE cheese destination! There is nothing better than choosing local products to feast on.

In Saint-Félicien, the Bouchard Artisan Bio cheese factory offers a range of organic products that make the mouth water by just looking at them. Try their delicious yogurts and fresh cheeses, including their popular mild organic cheddar cheese.

While in Saint-Félicien, extend your cheese experience with a stop at the Fromagerie du Pays des bleuets - Ferme 3J, which offers a variety of fresh cheeses of the day and specialties that are worth the detour. It's time to taste good, quality cheeses made from the milk of their own cows, a specific breed that is known for its high protein content.

To complete your dairy journey, it is impossible not to visit the Fromagerie Perron in Saint-Prime, and its famous fresh or aged cheddars. Did you know that it is one of the oldest cheese factories in Quebec? Discover this magnificent heritage and the fascinating history of La Vieille Fromagerie Perron, which offers a charming guided tour by reservation.

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Where to find blueberries from Lac-Saint-Jean?

We’re not talking about the Jeannois, affectionately nicknamed Blueberries, but about the small wild blue fruit that is extremely tasty and rich in antioxidants. August is a great month to pick your own blueberries.

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Do you prefer cooked blueberries? La Maison du Bleuet prepares several typical homemade products, such as chocolate-covered blueberries, blueberry ganache, blueberry jam, and more. You can find one of these two inspiring stores of happiness in Saint-Félicien. The other is located right at the entrance to the Val-Jalbert Historical Village, in Chambord.

For a thematic family expedition, take part in the Blueberry Hunt for a chance to win one of 10 local baskets valued at $100! Throughout your hunt, you will discover local treasures made from this legendary little blue fruit. Get the treasure map and go on an adventure while spoiling your family at one of our participating merchants.

* Please note that this activity is over.

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It's beer time! Discover our microbreweries

Lovers of microbrewery beers will be well served in Lac-Saint-Jean. On the banks of the Ashuapmushuan river, in Saint-Félicien, you can taste different beers brewed by the Microbrasserie La Chouape. From white to black, taste the sweet and fruity flavours of their organic beers produced year round. At the La Chouape bar, you can also enjoy a selection of occasional beers.

The ingenious Micro Beemer, in Roberval, brings the local history to life with its light beers. Whether white, blond, or red, you will recognize the names of these succulent beers linked to Lac-Saint-Jean history on store shelves in the region. Moreover, the Beemer Distillery offers you a discreet and refined gin for your Friday evening aperitif.

Will you have a glass at our vineyard?

For wine lovers, you will be surprised to see a vineyard in our northern territory! La Bonté Divigne de Roberval produces all of its delicious wines from its harvests. At its full potential, this vineyard can produce up to 2,000 bottles of red, white, rosé, and aperitif wines, all of which are very tasty to share as a couple or with friends.

Carnivores, be on the lookout for our best butcher shop finds

Summer is always the best time to cook great meat on the barbecue. In Lac-Saint-Jean, we are fortunate to be able to count on La Bouche qui rie, in Saint-Félicien, to obtain a variety of deli meats, fresh meats, and prepared meals that will make your stay much less complicated (and more delicious).

In Roberval, Boucherie Les Chefs also offers a great variety of meats for more sophisticated meals as well as everyday meals. The chefs offer excellent service and good quality meat.

Pick some fruit to bring home

If there is nothing more delicious than fresh fruit, choose amongst the best by picking it with your family! Our pick your own calendar lists the main fruits available in Lac-Saint-Jean during the summer season (blueberries, haskap, raspberries, strawberries, and more!)

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Food and beer pairings

Occasionally, it is good to step out of the routine and surprise yourself with new and unexpected flavours. We have put together some 100% local food and beer pairings so you can take full advantage of all that the region has to offer.

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And restaurants?

For your family lunches and dinners, discover our wide variety of restaurants.

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To ensure a safe visit, specific measures have been put in place by the various tourist attractions. However, it is possible that some of their activities or certain services have been suspended due to restrictive public health standards. Before making a reservation, contact the tourist site by phone or consult their website.